Out of our favorite dog treats from the gourmet pet store? Time for our annual Veterinary checkup? The dog food we love is on sale at Raley’s? And, you promised us a ride to the bank drive thru where treats and money come magically out the moving tray.

Of course you wouldn’t make four separate car trips for all these missions. You’d bundle them into one efficient and effective road trip, right?

Well, your vehicle also has an efficient and effective tool for accomplishing lots of essential missions. It’s called the ‘serpentine belt,’ (because it snakes around lotss of stuff) and it runs most of your car’s accessories – including the alternator and air conditioner, and often the water pump, radiator fan or power brakes.

In other words, you’d never be able to get us to our gourmet treats store without a good serpentine belt. You need a good belt tensioner too to keep the belt tight.

Pete’s Automotive can tell you the recommended inspection intervals, and can check your serpentine belt for damage or wear. That will extend the life of your accessories and prevent breakdowns. And, it can keep your pups happy!