Goodbye to Hunter

With profound sadness, we said goodbye last week to our gentle giant, Hunter, whose huge loving heart failed him unexpectedly. He was a cherished member of our family and our business, and he relished personally greeting all of our customers. Hunter will remain in our hearts forever.

Shock and Strut Special

Everyone loves a smooth and comfortable ride, especially Molly and I.  We spend our days working with Mom and Dad (okay, we spend it sleeping!) but when it’s time to load up and go home, we don’t want to bounce around!  Safety is our top concern.  How’s your ride?  Call us for an inspection of your vehicles’ suspension.  We are running a special on shocks and struts through October 31st; buy 4 for the price of 3.  I wish dog treats were sold that way!

We received a recent phone call from one of our satisfied customers who had his shocks and struts replaced.  He called to say how pleased he was with the repairs, and what a difference it has made in his vehicle’s ride.

Take care and stay safe,


Hunter and Molly

Fashion Plates

Hunter and I are always keeping our eyes out for the latest in fashion trends, so we recently talked to Mom and Dad about buying new license plate frames for the business. We think they will accent your vehicle’s appearance in a major way!


The frames just arrived this week and we wanted to show you how great they look. It seems Molly’s paw got in the way, but you can come in and see them close up.

Come by the shop and if you let Dad install our new license plate frames he’ll give you $5.00 off any repair. (That was my idea!)

Thanks and take care.


Molly & Hunter

Ready, Set, Jump!!

Molly and I thought we should share what Dad did the last time our Air Force pilot Uncle came to town. Apparently Dad jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!  Molly and I have never seen an airplane, but Mom seems to visit them quite often.  A big thank you to Skydive Monterey Bay and Dad’s jump master, Steve Rafferty, who brought Dad home safely.pre-dive skydive

Dog tired!

Mom and Dad went on another half marathon run last Sunday.  They got some really nice medals for finishing and even let me wear one!  Snoopy wasn’t at this marathon event so I told them I would wait for them at home, and it’s a good thing too because I heard there were a lot of hills in this marathon.

Let There Be Light!

Just as slowly deteriorating vision could go unnoticed, the same is true with your vehicle’s headlights when the bulbs dim with age.  Molly and I don’t have this problemas our sense of smell can compensate for vision and hearing issues.  Your car, of course, doesn’t have that option.

So, if your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be, call the shop for an appointment to check whether they should be replaced or restored.  With age the plastic on your headlights can become clouded and reduce the amount of light they emit creating poor visibility.  In the picture the right side is a restored headlight and the left side is an aged one.

Keep your windshield clean too, inside and out, and make sure you have good wiper blades and plenty of washer fluid.

Your safety depends on good visibility.  Stay safe.



Jason’s Truck Is Going Back Together

This weekend Dad put his truck together!  It has been apart for longer than Molly and I have been alive so I have never seen the reason for these parts until now.  All that’s left now is to finish painting the outside of the bed.  I’m pretty sure Molly and I won’t be riding in Dad’s truck but we are going to take some pictures with it when it’s completely done.

We’ll keep you in the loop!

Hunter and Molly

A Breath of Fresh Air

When Hunter and I stick our heads out the car windows, we like to breathe clean fresh air.  After all, clean air helps keep our lungs healthy, our environment safer and our smiles happier.

One way all you vehicle owners could help us out is by keeping your car engine’s  air filters clean. Not only do clean filters help the engine run more smoothly, but they prevent harmful exhaust emissions.

Chronically dirty air filter could eventually cause expensive replacement of the air flow sensor.

Clean filters are good for Hunter and I, for your vehicle and for our precious environment.  Take good care.



And They’re Off!

I usually go running with Mom and Dad but Sunday morning they said I was a good boy but I couldn’t come with them.  I didn’t understand but they said they would be running with lots of other people in a half marathon.  I didn’t really understand what this meant until they came home.  They each got medals AND a picture with my personal hero, Snoopy!  I’m pretty sad about not seeing Snoopy but they let me wear one of the medals to feel better.  That was pretty cool.  I’m proud of them but next year (this is our secret) I’m planning to hide in the car so I can meet Snoopy and get my own medal!

Until next time –



The Oil Change and why it matters

Dear Friends,

Molly and I like the old cliché:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of bacon…err, cure!

We’re talking about routine oil changes to prevent expensive and inconvenient vehicle breakdowns.  And while you’re visiting us at Pete’s for the oil change, the guys will check all fluids, belts, cables and recommended maintenance for your vehicle’s mileage.

Just like going to the doctor, regular oil changes will help us get to know you and your vehicle and let us check to see what needs to be done to keep you and your family safe.

Smooth driving,

Molly & Hunter